As my experience in 3D Design and Photography matured, I felt the need for something new.
It all started with Introduction to User Experience Design by Georgia Institute of Technology course on Coursera. I wanted to liberate myself from the boundaries of Content Management Systems such as WordPress and be free in applying user-centered design in my projects. This is why in 2017 I decided to start to learn how to code for web.

I went on to a monthly subscription on where I found a new and interesting world waiting for me to discover it. Since then I have learned the basics of web development – HTML and CSS – and went on to learning PHP with MySQL and sinking my teeth in some Javascript.

Here you can find a list of projects I’ve been working on so far:

Tribute page: Johnny Cash – Simple HTML/CSS-Bootstrap page about one of my favourite singers.

Single serving site for bookmarking – using Javascript and JSON – feel free to use it for your personal interest;

Single serving site using machine learning (brain.js) to determine the text color depending on the background; Unfortunately, for the moment, Safari doesn’t support <input type=”color”> attribute so it won’t work on the iPhone(still, you can use your own hex code). But it works great in Chrome an Firefox!

Fully responsive page using CSS Grid concepts – for the moment using just some dummy text, but the code is very useful for future projects;

Responsive Movie Info App using JavaScript & jQuery – an app that uses jQuery along with Axios for making HTTP requests to the OMDb API in order to get information about movies;

JavaScript Drum kit – an app that simulates a Drum Kit – created using vanilla JavaScript ;

JavaScript Phone Book app – an app that let’s you type in all the contacts you want to forget about!

JavaScript – Catalog elevi

JavaScript – Weather app – using API

Very simple single serving site for fun – using array_rand() function;

PHP with MySQL Photo Gallery project – complete with back-end login administration.